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Wall Protector Application of Hearth Pad

Wall Hearth Pads

Wall Pads

Our fully non-combustible wall pads are available for flat walls or corners for the Original or Colonial Edge pads. We make matching wall pads to go with every size floor pad, even custom sizes. Our invisible mounting brackets raise the pad 1” off the floor pad and hold it 1” away from the wall. This mounting system, along with our fully non-combustible design, can reduce clearances to a combustible wall up to 66% in many cases. Talk with your stove dealer and check your stove manual for clearance requirements for your stove.

  • Available for standard (single wall board) and corner (two wall boards) installations.
  • May reduce clearances to combustible walls.
  • Mounting brackets are available to space wall pad(s) - 1" off floor hearth pad and 1" away from wall.
  • Provides an attractive seeting for your stove.

Size Options


Wall Pad (SQ)
36 x 48 SQ
48 36
40 x 48 SQ
48 40
48 x 48 SQ
48 48
54 x 48 SQ
48 54

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