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ThermaShield XTreme

Some stoves require R-values greater than R=1.61. For these stoves, we have designed the Low Profile Base and the Award winning ThermaShield Xtreme Floor Protection System. With the ThermaShield Xtreme, you can achieve an R-Value of up to R=10. Consult with your stove dealer and stove manual for your stove’s required R-value.

Low Profile Hearth Pad Base

Low Profile Base

At 1 1⁄8” thick, the Low Profile Base provides additional layers of insulation in a frame beneath your hearth pad. The result is an R-value of R=3.69. This is also a great option for installations when carpet can’t be removed beneath the pad.

2005 Vesta Award

ThermaShield Xtreme Floor Protection System

ThermaShield Xtreme Floor Protection System. Consisting of a ThermaShield hearth pad and specialized matching 6” pedestal, the system can be customized to provide a range of R-values from R=2.61 to R=10. ThermaShield Xtreme is available for Yoder Original and Classic Edge pads.

Which do I need?

Check your stove manual for the required hearth protection or ask your stove dealer which Type is right for you

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